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I had the pleasure to meet and work with Nilofer on several occasions. She is very impressive in achieving her goals, but maybe even stronger in teaching others how to achieve their dreams. If you think that is not going to work for you, because (fill in the gap), then you should not hesitate and buy this book! And as Nilofer says, then of course apply the tools :-) In my opinion, universe is clear about one thing; it gives you exactly what you ask for. But if you do not put in to action the tools and opportunities, maybe you are asking universe not to deliver. Read the book, apply the tools and magic happens. How can it get any better? Thank you Nilofer for being a Shining example of a Rising Star...... The Sky is the limit is an illusion to you.  

Thank you so much! it is realy great! even if it's realy late at night right now I'm with the book and don't want to stop! I wonder what will come up in my life now?  

Love it, Love the access principles used and love how Nilofer brings her own energy of possibility and magic to this.   


Thank you so much! Enjoying and receiving your generosity with appreciation!!



How does it get better than this? It came over all the way to Brazil! Your book loves traveling! 


Just got this..looking for how to share on Facebook ..only 99 cents on Amazon and get free clearing loops with purchase hdigabtt? Weip?


I am offering to gift your ebook to the first ten people who register and pay for my upcoming bars classes Dec 30 & Jan 3.


I am reading the book and enjoying it thus far. 


I'm in the process leading up to reading book,HdIgsl? In the mean time I've commenced the listening of clearing loops and the unwinding from cerebellum thorough spine is creating/generating a sense of space. hdigbbt? weip? watip? What inconceivable,undefinable potential/possibilities are we willing/capable of being,perceiving and receiving right now and the future? I'm in gratitude of your generosity of spirit with this contribution as well as what creates for you and world around. Thanks.


I have started to read it and am loving it!  It's like I am now ready to actually hear.  Thank you so much!  I am truly grateful for the contribution you have been to me and some of my friends, through Colors of Now and listening to your interviews on Illumination Summit.  And now, of course, this new book.  Wishing you the best of luck with getting it out there.  I will certainly be writing a 5* review!


Thank you for all of this!  Fun!






About the Author

Nilofer Safdar

Nilofer Safdar is a two times bestselling author of the books, Cracking the Client Attraction Code and The Colors Of Now. She teaches people how to write, be published and become a Bestselling Author in 90 days even if they have never written before (or think that they can never write). She is a strong advocate of getting a book published and her pet peeve is to educate people on why everyone must write a book.

Nilofer is a Life Coach, Money Mastery Coach and a Business Coach. Her signature workshop - Rapid Results Workshop helps people create a quick change in any area of their life including Money, Relationships, Body, Healing.


Nilofer helps people change their reality to generate and create a life they desire and require. Her target is to generate a life that is joyful and expansive for everybody she touches.

She is the host of a TV show which aired on JIA News in India called The Nilofer Show.

 She is the host of the First online radio show in the Middle East, The Healthy Living Dubai Show, in which she interviews Speakers, Coaches, Natural Healers from the Middle East which empowers the listeners to Create everything they desire in life.

 She is also the host of the telesummit, Illusion to Illumination Summit, in which she has interviewed more than 150 Luminaries, Change Agents, Best Selling Authors from around the world including Peggy Phoenix Dubro, the originator of the EMF Balancing Technique, Gary Douglas – the founder of Access Consciousness.

 She also has a regular column in the publication Tempo Planet.


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